Demorgan war

The Demorgan war took place between the Demorgan and the First Theocracy of Meld. The current Meldian calender starts at the end of the Fist Relgian War at the crowning of the Twin Kings, thus it is hard to know the exact dates of the start and end of this war. It is known however that there was roughly twenty years between the end of the war and the first Relgian invasion.

Due to the nature of the Demorgan the war was not declared and there was no base from which they attacked. They merely appeared amongst the Theocracy and start using their individual powers to recruit themselves armies.

Oddly their appearances were limited to Northern Meld. While they did occasionally venture across the Sunteeth Mountains, such events were few and they spent little time in the south. This spared the south from much of the destruction and explains the relative wealth of the south compared to the north, also some of the cultural differences.

The Demorgan did not fight as allies and it is recorded that they did no fondness for each other. While they did not go so far as to outright attack each other, they also made no move to aid each other.

The Demorgan where eventually defeated mostly by eliminating there source of recruits, by pulling all of the peasants off the land and into each of the major cities. Having all of these laborer’s around lead to the construction of the Fortress Cities of the north. The only reason that these overpopulated fortresses survived was due to harsh military rule and supplies from the un-ravished south.

Soon the recruit starved armies of the Demorgan where either destroyed or pushed back in the Wyldrush, their Demorgan masters either dead, imprisoned or destroyed. These battles are the basis for the North’s Military Doctrine.

After the war had ended it took several years before the Fortress Cities began to disperse their populations into the countryside. The battles against the Demorgan had added new terrors to the land and the military was to exhausted to put them all to the sword. By the time that the new villages had been established and the military had begun to make some headway against the new dangers of the land, the Relgish invasion began.

There are those that state that without the north being so weakened from the Demorgan War, that the First Relgian War would not have been such a unmitigated disaster. The opposing view is that with out organization and experience granted by the Demorgan War, the First Relgian War would have ended with the destruction of Meld rather than just crippling it for nearly a century.

Demorgan war

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