This campaign focus on the sometimes kingdom of Meld on the continent of Hevell.

Enough time has passed that the Third Relgian war has faded to a dim, turbulent memory. The Demorgan war is nothing more than a haunting whisper in the nightmares of historians. The kingdom sleeps in the warm bliss of ignorance.

However the current Hierophant is insane, more interested in his projects then the security of his nation. The location of the deposed kings, the check against his power, can not be found and the north, tired of the ways of the south are threatening to pull away from the kingdom.

Meanwhile, the tide on the northern coast is rising, leaving many fishing villages flooded and abandoned. Travelers have been harassed by gray men that cast no shadow and are eerie reflections of those that they attack and indestructible glass falls from the sky. A boon of treasure to those that find it, assuming they can keep it…

Shifting Lands